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Jeff Barnes - Owner
Dear Friends,

   Thank you for your interest in Acrylic Restoration Service.  I have been reparing spa surfaces
in the Seattle area for the last
seven years.  Eleven years ago I discussed with a friend who
was employed by Apollo Spas, the need for quality acrylic repair on hot tub surfaces.  I was
told years of effort had produced poor results, yet the need was great.  I did some research
and located an Ontario, California company that specialized in materials and techniques for
acrylic repair that were well blended and designed to endure the harsh spa environment.  
Through a great deal of trial and error, I have a firm grasp on what is required to perform
nearly, invisible, durable repairs on marble, granite and textured hot tub surfaces.

   I offer customers a rundown of what will be required for their particular situation.  I give a
phone estimate total that includes labor, materials and trip charge.  Upon arrival and
inspection, if the damage approximates what our phone conversation implied, I will perform
the repair at the agreed upon estimate.  If the repair will entail a great deal more, I will revise
the estimate and give the customer the choice to go forward.  If not there will be no charge.

   Often I have requests for “quickie” repairs at a budget price.  I do not offer this option.  I only
perform repairs to the top of my ability and I will only do the repair if it will benefit the
customer.  A reputation for quality is my goal at Acrylic Restoration Service.  I look forward to
the opportunity to serve you.


Jeff Barnes
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